Seven reasons sex is good for your health in Arkansas

Submit Appointment Request Now. For the average person, who does light outdoor activities, the recommendation on how much water to drink is 8 — 10 glasses a day. Form has been successfully submitted. Keeps down below healthy A healthy sex life can prevent dryness—and the pain that comes with it.

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Masturbation helps to promote healthy blood flow to the genitals. A study said an average bedroom rodeo burns 85 calories, or 3. It is not uncommon for older men, especially for those men who are not physically active, to be faced with different kinds of injuries during the sexual intercourse.

A study found that when married couples fooled around at home, the good vibes spilled over into work the next day. If you are facing a problem involving low testosterone levels you can always try and use the variety of natural remedies — e.

Seven reasons sex is good for your health in Arkansas ошиблись

Associations between sexual activity and cognitive function in older age. It should not be something that causes embarrassment or shame. Some studies have suggested that men who ejaculate more frequently may have a reduced risk of prostate cancer—although the difference appears to be very small, and others haven't found a conclusive link.

This is especially true for men over the age of Researchers found that for men, frequency of intercourse was related to longer lifespans ; while for women, enjoyment of intercourse was the most significant factor.

We sweat more in the summer, causing us to lose water and not urinate as often as we should. While this effect was more pronounced in people who had sex with penetration, nonpenetrative sex and masturbation can also help you stay serene. In this study, which examined newlywed couples who kept a two-week sexual diary, researchers found that partners were satisfied for a full 48 hours after sexual activity.

Just looking at your partner — or even a photo of your partner — can help ease pain. In his research, he found that women could withstand painful pressure to their fingers while they were stimulated with sex toys; during orgasm, pain tolerance doubled.

Seven reasons sex is good for your health in Arkansas

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